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Arlington Historic Home

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Arlington Mansion, a three-story mansion built around 1830, recalls the romance of the Old South on the banks of Bayou Teche in St. Mary Parish, La.

Untouched by the Civil War, this stately Greek Revival structure weathered the peaks and valleys of economic change many times during the late 19th Century.

The land of the original grounds on which the house stands came from a Spanish land grant, dated 1783. Over the years it stood as a Civil War Infirmary, a local bar, Arlington Country Club and so much more.

Today, elaborate restoration recaptures the grandeur of the home and history. The original porticos are supported by fluted Composite Order columns at the front and bayou side of the house, while smaller, identical porticos adorn the sides.

Period antiques grace the interior of the home, which is lit by crystal and bronze chandeliers and encompassed by elegant millwork.

Ref: Chicago Tribune


In the early 1960s, Carl Bauer saved Arlington from a worn and battered state. Carl brought back the life and vitality into Arlington by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the home, guest house and gardens. 


Since 2016, major renovations have been done to the property to restore it to it's original beauty all while making updates to the grounds, siding, structure and interior to keep the property modern and inviting. 

The english garden project started in 2016 by Mullin Landscapes includes brickwork with large lawns and immense landscaping, as well as

a sugar kettle fountain feature and several other details to accentuate the traditional elements of the home's architecture. 

Mullin Landscaping at Arlington
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